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  1. Glenn, I ran across Anna B. Lock’s name while editing from my book the decade of the 50’s at Oak Cliff, and realized I hadn’t heard about her, so I Googled her, finding only the article in the Summer 94 issue of Heritage Magazine. I really think that it is so neat that you have put them up on the Web in pdf files, so they can be read. Thanks be to you and Darrin and all the Heritage Staff. She died one year after holding her last revival at Oak Cliff, while conducting a revival! (Also enjoyed reading an article review by Darrin on the Humbards)

    ~` john

    • Myrtle Warden

      I am trying to find a friend from long ago, Rev. Charles Price who faithfully ministered for years in the United Kingdom, especially in London, England, Elgin, Scotland, and Rhyll, North Wales. The last I heard, he was in poor health and had moved to California under the care of his son, Tommy. If anyone knows of him I would be very grateful.
      Thank you very much.

  2. Stephen John

    Dear Brother Rodgers,

    Lest I fall into the classification of the “ungrateful” of the last days I wish to share with you my enduring gratitude to you and the engineers, staff, and all individuals it took to produce the recordings of Revivaltime. Everyday I listen to several of the services. Everyday CM pushes me into the scriptures. I do not wish to emulate him, however I do hunger for his anointing. It was not his actions that made him a dynamic preacher, but his unction (now that is a word from the past). When I listen to him I think of Paul writing his letter to the Thessalonians, “For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Ghost.”

    Again, My thanks to you.

    The Second Chance.
    Only one life twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

    The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center offers various Revivaltime products for sale.

  3. Bob Rhoden

    Good morning Darrin,
    I wanted to be sure you knew again how much I appreciated the time you invested in our class, “The Future of Pentecostalism.” All the students strongly recommended that the tour and lecture be included in future classes. You are a gift to the Church. May God do all you envision and more.

    Many thanks,
    Bob Rhoden

    Dr. H. Robert Rhoden taught the week-long Doctor of Ministry class at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Rhoden serves as Executive Presbyter for the Northeast Area and is former superintendent of the Potomac District Council.

  4. Doris & Larry Bray

    Dear Darrin, thank you so much for the tour. You were awesome in your knowledge. Enjoyed it so much — a great memory for us.

    Thank you,
    Doris and Larry Bray (Dr. George Wood’s sister)

  5. Ernest

    To the staff at FPHC,

    If no one else in the world ever gets touched by what you all are doing, although I am sure there will be others, Know that at least one person was touched, me. You all are doing something that will help Pentecostal people and others for a lifetime.

    I read an article about faith published in a 1908 magazine that the Heritage Center digitized and placed on its website.

    After that my faith was increased, I prayed for my wife, and she was healed. My faith might not have been where it is now if you and all the staff at the Heritage Center had not been doing this.

    For all the Good that you all have done, May God Bless you and Your families abundantly.

    Ernest L. Page
    Heavener, OK

  6. Glenn,

    Isaac, Jason, and Pam had a wonderful tour last Friday. Isaac was in complete ‘earthly-heaven’ to see the things he saw, and meet the people he met. We would all like to thank you for arranging the tour. Isaac left Springfield with at least 150 photos.

    Many blessings and thanks!!


  7. Jeffery C Van Ness

    My grandfather was a member of the Christian Catholic Church in Zion. I am interested in reading the “Leaves of Healing” periodicals that were printed by the church. You list a 6 CD set (75TW0441 Heritage Center Digital Products: Leaves of Healing)for purchase. Could you give me a description of what the set contains.

    Thank you.



  9. Van Cummings

    Thanks so much for helping me out! I always get the world’s best treatment when I deal with my brothers and sisters in Springfield.

  10. Stanley Hall

    Brother Gohr:

    Thanks for your dedication to preserving materials and records related to our movement’s earlier years. Also, please express our appreciation to any others who may have helped you in your research.

    God bless you in your work!

    Stanley Hall

  11. Renea Brathwaite


    Thanks for your help! I really appreciate your quick response.

    All the best,

    Renea Brathwaite

  12. allan spickard


    Is Wayne Warner still there ? Do you have any information in regards to Carl Henry (Hjersman) ? You list his two books on faith healing (Christ, the Great Physician; Exploits of Faith), as reference materials. Where was his last whereabouts after 1949 ? How long did he live ? What became of his ministry ? Do you know if he has any surviving family ?

    Apparently, he is pretty obscure. He is not listed as a personality in the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements. I do not know why as his credentials look fairly substantial…

    One of my parents received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by his ministry of laying on of hands in 1946, at the Oakland Revival Tabernacle (an AG church), under the pastorate of Dr. Lowery.
    I would be most appreciative of any information you may be able to supply.

    Kindest Regards, Allan Spickard

    • Margaret

      I am Carl Hjersman’s granddaughter; he has many other decendants, many of whom live in CA. He died around 1942 in Oakland, CA, if this is the same person. It seems unlikely that there would be more than one person by that name.

  13. Richard Owen

    Dear FPHC.

    I am reseaching am researching an ancester of
    the Pentecostal Member the Waltham, MA as
    early of years 1900’s. Her name was Emily
    Weatherbee.I am hoping that have some records
    on this indivual. Richard

  14. Lola Smith

    Hello, I saw a photo that you have of a revival in Hanna, Oklahoma in 1925. It is a large group of people and one girl has a guitar. Both of my parents were born in Hanna, and I would like to work with you to identify the unnamed individuals in the photo. I would also like to get a copy of that photo. Please contact me at my e-mail. Thank you and God Bless You.

  15. Jeremiah Gibbs

    I am researching for a PhD course for which I am writing and I am unable to document the history of the papers from the Commission on Doctrinal Purity. Who would know when each paper is published and any revisions made?

    Specifically I am interested in the Position Paper on Divine Healing and the paper titled “Modern Medicine and the A/G” listed under the topics index on the A/G beliefs webpage.

    Any help identifying the authorship/history of these papers?

    Jeremiah Gibbs

  16. Kathleen Griffin

    I cannot remember my password for logging onto the full catalogue. My e-mail address has changed, so folks at FPHC cannot send my password to me. How do I log on and order materials?

    If you need more personal information to look up my password, please write to me at the e-mail address here included.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    In Christ’s service,
    Kathleen Griffin,
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  17. suellen musgrove

    I am trying to contact Darrin Rodgers by email. I spoke to him on the telephone. I found the 120 personal letters that Rev. C.M. Ward wrote to his sister Ruth through the years. I am her daughter and she always sent his letters to me. I stored them in my garage. I would like to get the letters to the museum in a safe manner along with the genealogy I just finished of the Ward family. C.M.’s ancestors came to Prescott, Ontario in the early 1800’s. The Wards owned a large brick factory that lasted for 100 years and made most of the bricks for Prescott. This couple was Jane and John Ward from England. They are buried at the LIttle Blue Church. The Bradley’s came from Ireland. James Bradley was an Irish priest who decided to marry and move to Canada. He was from Cork and she was from Ulster. The Bradley family is still in the original farmhouse. The Bradleys are all buried in the Little Blue Church Cemetery. Alfred George Ward Sr. married Ellen Bradley and their son was Rev. A. G. Ward of Pentacostal renown in Canada. His son was Rev. C. M. Ward.

  18. Karen Welch

    In viewing the photos of US missionaries and national pastors in Japan, I noticed a photo of a Japanese wedding couple. (P11491) I am researching missionaries to Japan and know the name of this couple. They are Riki (husband) and Mieko (wife) Tani (family name). The photo should be dated October 24, 1928.

  19. My great grangfather and mother was a POWs in asia during ww1 His name was also William H Turner. I’m seeking info he was a missionary during WW1

    • ernie hardee

      I knew a Rev. W. H. Turner who was a Pentecostal Holiness missionary to China during the 1930’s and who, with his wife, was imprisoned by the Japanese during the early stages of WWII. I am related to his son by marriage and met Rev. and Mrs. Turner many times as a child. I heard many stories of the Lord’s intervention during their ordeal.

  20. I am wanting to contact Glenn Gohr concerning the Alaska Oral History tapes. I have updated my email address in your files. Thank you.

  21. Esther Wagner

    I just opened a new checking account and I haven’t received my card yet so I will have to wait to order the booklet, The Road to Lund.

    I should get it in 7 to 10 days.

    Thank you, Esther

  22. Peggy Hunt VanKirk

    Lillian Hunt Trasher was my grandfather’s first cousin and I am looking for any information you may have on her and her family. I’ve seen some of the videos that you have of Lillian and her sister Jennie and I was totally blown away. I know that she spent her life in Egypt but I don’t know what happened to her parents and her sisters. I’m not sure if this is the right place to request this type of information. If not, could you please direct me to someone who could assist me. Thank you and God Bless!

    • Good Morning Ms. VanKirk,
      I just ran across your request for information on the genealogy of Lillian Trasher. I am researching her for a slightly different reason than perhaps you are. Have you received any information from others who have seen your request?
      Are you familiar with how she became a Christian? In the articles that I have read that told the story of her conversion, it tells of a Mrs. Ella Bunkley, who led her to Christ. I personally knew Mrs. Bunkley as a young child, growing up in Brunswick, Georgia and attending the First Wesleyan Methodist (now The First Wesleyan) Church. The articles mention that after she got saved, she wanted to be baptized and that subsequently she found a Methodist Minister, who gave her instructions on being baptized and gave her material to study and learn before baptism could take place. She learned all the things that he gave her and was baptized shortly after that.

      Mrs. Bunkley, at this time, was attending the First Wesleyan Methodist Church, and my great-grandfather, William Marion Lee, was the Pastor and founder of this church. I have been trying for close to a year to learn if my great-grandfather was the minister who instructed her in baptism and performed the baptism in an old creek not too far from the church.

      Do you have any information on this? If so, please contact me. In the interim, if I find out anything, I will let you know.

      Oh, one thing just came to me, Her sister, Jennie, who went with her when she first went to Egypt (and made other visits also), went to Egypt to live, after her husband died. She also died in Egypt. I have copies of some of the passenger lists from her voyages, as well as a copy of the notification to the United States State Department of the death of an American in a foreign country. If you want copies of these, I would be glad to e-mail them to you. (I am a member of and use it frequently doing research on my family tree.

      I have been unable to find out what happened to her youngest sister or her parents – but I’m still looking.

      I wish you well in your search.


      • Peggy Hunt Van Kirk


        Thanks so much for the e-mail. Lillian and Jennie also had a sister, Anna, who lived in St. Louis. I recently read correspondence between her and my great-great aunt Mary Hunt of Waterloo, N.Y. The Letters are in the National Memorial Day Museum in Waterloo. Anna died in April of 1938. The informant on her death certficate states that it was Mrs. W. R. Trasher but I don’t know if this was her mother, Jane Hunt Trasher. I think it may have been a step-mother. She also had a brother who must have died as a child. He is listed in our family bible and his name was Herbert.

        I had contacted IFPHC last year and they were kind enough to send me a copy of Lady on a Donkey. I then went on the internet and purchased Letters from Lillian and The Greatest Wonder in Egypt.

        Where did you find the information about Jennie’s husband? I wasn’t sure what had happened to him. I also found some information about Jane Hunt Trasher and W. R. Trasher who were divorced and I believe it was in Georgia but can’t remember for sure if that’s the correct state. I also discovered that in 1924 Jane Hunt Trasher was listed on a voter registry, along with Jennie Benton, in Los Angeles County. I think that Jane probably spent the rest of her life in Long Beach, California with her daughter, Jennie, before Jennie permanently moved to Egypt.

        The attached link below will take you to a copy of Anna’s (Lillian’s sister) death certificate.

        I would love for you to e-mail me any information that you have. Thanks so much. You made my day!


        Click to access DispPDF.aspx

      • Hi Peggy,

        I will send you some info by the end of the week. Thanks for the death certificate.


      • Hi Peggy, (May I call you Peggy?)

        I have not forgotten you. It took me longer to re-group my information than I had anticipated. A few questions and comments:
        1. I found a small GEDCOM file owned by Alyssa Van Kirk that was last up-dated in October 2003. I presume she is a relative of yours. I noted one error right off and that was the date of death for Jane Hunt Trasher. She shows that Jane died in 1899 and we both have evidence to the contrary. Since I’m not familiar with other “Hunts”, I do not know if there are other errors or not.

        2. Do you have any photos of the Hunt/Trasher Family?

        3. Do you have copies of the Census Records that they appear on. I have several of them, but do not want to send you information that you already have.

        4.Do you have any of the information on the voyages that were made to/from Egypt by Lillian and Jennie?

        5. Do you know where William Trasher was living at the time of his death?

        6. Have you read some of the numerous Bios on Lillian that are on the internet? There is a lot of the same information in most of them, but every once in a while, you hit a real “nugget”.

        As soon as I hear from you, I will get some of this info on its way.

        Take care.


      • I have California death indexes and Lillian’s mother died in Los Angeles County on 12 Feb 1925. Let me know where to send it and I can send a picture of the record!

  23. Wonderful site. Thank you for preserving the heritage of our denomination. It’s fascinating to see all of this history in one place.

  24. Ken Worley

    the podcst of Ms Riggs is very edifying, inspiring, and instructive

  25. Suzie

    Please reply to this question. During my life, on and off, I have read about the turn of the century revival that gave birth to the AG movement. But just lately I have seen websites that say that black and white ministers were ordained in the COGIC church and that, due to the prevailing racism of the day, the white ministers broke off and started the AG movement. I have never heard this and am frankly a little horrified to know this happened, if, indeed, it did. Can you tell me if this happened that way.

  26. Stanley Dove

    Good morning Bretheren I was going through your history and it seems to tell the history of the Assembly Of God in a different light than I heard it.I thought the COGIC was the parent body before the Assembly started.In your History:” Participants at the first General Council represented a variety of independent churches and networks of churches, including the Association of Christian Assemblies in Indiana and a group identified as the “Church of God in Christ”.If you check your history I think you may have this a little tainted.The Group COGIC was the group where the Assembly of God got its start but because of the laws of that day some of the fellowship didn’t want to follow a black man.Please tell the people the whole truth and not this doctored script.Thank You be blessed.

  27. I don’t usually stop to write a comment, however it is not easy to find actual thoughts on this topic today. You did a lovely job in this post and I may just go read your other blog posts now. Keep up the good work!

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  29. Peggy Hunt VanKirk

    Lillian Trasher photo No. 112 (your date 19??) was taken in 1890 when Lillian was 2 yrs. and 10 mos. old according to the writing on the back of a copy of the exact same photo that I have. I received a copy from an original photo located at the Waterloo, NY Historical Society. Lillian’s mother was born and grew up in Waterloo, NY. Lillian is my first cousin twice removed.

    • Hi again, Ms. Van Kirk,

      I should have scrolled down to see if any replies were shown. Are you willing to swap/share information? I would love to see what you have, and I’m more than willing to share what I have, if I have documents that you have not beeb able to locate.

      Take care.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  30. Jim Davis

    I have some old news articles and pictures in regard to First Assembly of God in Kennett, Missouri. Would you be interested in having this informatio? If so, what is the preferred way to get it to you. Thanks. Pastor Jim Davis

  31. Jim Davis

    I have some old news articles and pictures of First Assembly of God in Kennett, Missouri. Would you be interested in having this information? If so, what is the preferred way to get it to you. Thanks. Pastor Jim Davis

  32. Tim Hatcher

    Your article on John McConnell, Jr. and the Pentecostal Origins of Earth Day was excellent and timely.

    I am an Assemblies of God Missionary serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Several years ago while we were serving in St. Petersburg, Russia, my son was injured by the extreme pollution there. Even before this, it was clear to my the environmental scientists has demonstrated that the earth was in grave peril due to human pollution.

    The issue is duel. For the believer, environmental issues transends politics in two ways: 1) it is a moral obligation to care for the gifts given to us and not to harm our neighbors through our standard of living options 2) post-moderns see environmentalism as a moral issue; when Christians discount care for the environment due to political motivations, all of our emphasis on honesty, faithfulness, and ethical conduct sound hypocritical, which feeds into the larger post-modern narrative concerning Christianity. First and foremost, environmentalism is an issue of evangelism and secondly, it is an issue of honoring God by respecting His creation.

  33. Vickey Silvers

    I am an editor for which is a social network dedicated to the christian community. As I look through your web site I feel a collaboration is at hand. I would be inclined to acknowledge your website offering it to our users as I’m sure our Pentecostal audience would benefit from what your site has to offer. I look forward to your thoughts or questions regarding the matter.

    Vicky Silvers

  34. John Gamon

    Hey, I just wanted to inform you guys about an error on one of your pictures. It is at location: P10448–MCPHERSON. It is said that Beula Clark is in this photo with Aimee McPherson. But actually it is Elizabeth Ormsby, Beulah’s Mother and Maria Woodworth-Etter’s daughter. Maria is my step-mother’s great great grandmother. Beulah Clark-Stroud-Herndon is her grandmother! Just thought you guys may want to know that…

    John Gamon

    • I am curious why Wayne Warner in his book calls Maria Woodworth-Etter Mar-i-ah not Maria in a footnote? I see that Roberts Liardon does the same thing in his book God’s General’s. I personally talked with Tom Paino Jr. and he told me that his family has always called her Maria. Tom’s dad Thomas Paino Sr. knew Maria and later came to pastor the Church that she founded. My step mother is a great great granddaughter of Maria Woodworth-Etter. So we are really trying to find out the correct way to pronounce her first name. I find it hard to believe that Tom Paino Jr. would be wrong. But I would like to hear both sides first… Thanks for any help you can give me!

      John Gamon

      • John Allen (Gamon) Johnson (Jr)


        This is John Gamon. I never received a reply back from you all on my above question about the correct pronunciation of Maria Woodworth-Etter’s first name. It could be do to the fact that I changed my email. Through DNA testing I was able to find my father’s paternal surname. So I am changing my last name. Thus the change in my email address. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks again for any help that you can give me…

        John Allen (Gamon) Johnson (Jr)

      • Charles Green

        I have no idea. I always heard Maria. CG

        Sent from my iPad


  35. Jean Lewis Tully

    I have a picture of the GENERAL COUNCIL CONVENTION in Springfield, Mo September 16-22, 1927 and my father is on the front row as well as several other people I know. I also have pictures of the Old wood church and members in Eureka Springs, Ark made in 1934-5 when my parents pastored there for a few years. It burned about 2 years after we left. I also have pictures of Donald Gee when he preached in Eureka Springs in the convention center. He was an interesting person. I am now 84 years of age and have a lot of good memories of my parents ministry as well as my Uncle who was Phinis Lewis and North Texas Superintendant for several years. I attend Carbondale A/G in Tulsa, Ok and Phil Taylor is our pastor and we have counted between 25 and 39 PK’s in our church and they are of all ages. We meet once a month to share our times of living in a ministry home and it has been amazing. Each month one of the pk’s share their time growing up in that lifestyle and we have had times of laughter and also times of tears of rememberances. We have thoroughly enjoyed some of the younger ones in their 20’s and 30’s sharing with us. I don’t know if this would be anything the Heritage Center would be interested in but we certainly do enjoy learning from each other. Thanks for your time.

  36. James Haffener

    To whom it may concern,
    In keeping with the changes in this information age and in an effort to stay relevant to us who are yet emerging in the AG movement I thought I would suggest two ideas.

    1. Make all A/V materials available on itunes and possible even create your own You Tube channel.

    2. Lower the prices of your material to match current mp3 downloadable standards.

    While I get that these are important historical archives-if you want folks in up and coming generations to benifit from the information you have ii has to be more accessable than it currently is. I know I would certainly be able to glean much more from all your hard word work if this were the case.

  37. Anna Smith


    I am trying to get in touch with Dora Gugliotta and to share with her. Do you have her e-mail address?

    Many thanks

    Anna (Toronto, Canada)

  38. John Taylor

    The photograph of Kathleen Belknap in front of the Evangelical Refugee Center: that is the center on Flagler Street in Miami. I worked with her one summer when I was in Bible College.

    • Kristina Morningstar Pego

      I met Kathleen Belknap in Santiago de Compostella Spain. I also visited her in L.A. She introdiced me to Verda Vose Swain, they had gone to Wheaton together.
      Kristina Morningsrar Pego

  39. Lois C Smith

    Thank You very much. I’m very interested in your Archives as my late father, the Rev Dr Roy Elmer Baker was the VERY FIRST PASTOR OF THE VERY 1ST A/G IN ST. LOUIS, MO I’m a Lay-Speaker in our church & need to research your Archives. Thanks very much – from Lois C (Baker) Smith. My son, the Rev Dr Mark Roy Smith was the founding Pastor of A/G church in Warrenton, VA; but he died suddenly a few months ago at age 52.

  40. Dr Horton, I would like to ask you if you believe the coming of the Son of Man, no man knows the day or hour, is the rapture of the church? If so, then why do you believe the coming of the Son of Man in v30-31, takes place before the Abomination of Desolation (Antichrist) which takes place in v15?> Former student of yours at AGTS

    • ANDRE

      In consideration of the fact that Jesus made several time limiting statements regarding His coming in judgement upon that wicked generation of those, there and then both with explicit statements as to that generation not passing before that divine judgement was to occur and in parable form (e.g. the Vineyard/Master of the Vineyard) winding down with the last days of the the end of that Old Covenant Contract with its temple and the end of that AGE… In consideration of the fact that this judgement HAD occured and with the NEW order of things and New Contract no curse is found in its (Heb. 8) stipulations… I recomend that you take a look back at what did happen. The New Testament was written before it took place. The axe was laid to the root of the tree as John the Baptist said and it was cut down. The New Jerusalem with its New Contract is something different. I would refer you to Joe Morecraft LK221 Destruction of Jerusalem for the account (audio) of what had happened. It is proof that Jesus was NOT a false prophet and that the apostles, early church and writers of the New Testament were of the correct understanding of speaking of a coming in jusgement that was immanent FOR THEM. We must remember that the earliest persecution of the prophets, the righteous men, Jesus, the apostles and the Christians was not by Rome.

  41. antonio

    A Assembléia de Deus Ministério Shema’ Convida a Todos Amados Irmãos para a
    Grande Vigília de Avivamento Pentecostal De Missões
    Dia : 16/07/11 A Partir Das 23:00Hs
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  42. Anahera Van Duin

    God Bless,
    I have just been reading Betty Baxters testimony again and I have been wondering is she still alive. My grand-daughter has just written a story on Betty and a few of us in New Zealand would love to know if she is still alive.
    Thankyou for your time and would love to hear from you and would appreciate, as all of us here in New Zealand and especially my nine year old grand-daughter to hear she is still alive. We would just like to thank her for her Faith and Love toward our precious Living Amazing Lord Jesus Christ.

    Love in Christ to You All – Anahera Van Duin

  43. Melba Balentine

    I would like to commend Sharon Rasnake who did a beautiful job in laying out the printing of the 2009-2011 “In Memoriam” book honoring our departed A/G ministers. I know what a project this is for a district and I can’t imagine trying to get photos from all districts. 747 photos out of 766 deceased is an awesome job. Bless you, Sharon, for such a beautiful presentation. Thanks for the copies sent for the families – I have them in the mail.

  44. Hi there – I was super excited to see the iTunes interview podcasts you made available. Just wanted to let you know that they aren’t tonight. I double checked that I could download podcasts from other groups, but for some reason none of your iTunes download links work. Hope to find that they work soon! Thank you!! 🙂

  45. Andre M

    Love the history. Noticed your Joseph Wannenmacher audio link at Podbean didn’t work. Although Azusa is marvelous history I am especially interested in what came out of Zion Ilinois by way of the Zion Faith Homes.

  46. Andre M

    …by the way, you guy have the most interesting job that I can imagine.

    • Lol I totally agree.

      Also I would like to commend Sharon Rasnake who did a beautiful job in laying out the printing of the 2009-2011 “In Memoriam” book honoring our departed A/G ministers. I know what a project this is for a district and I can’t imagine trying to get photos from all districts. 747 photos out of 766 deceased is an awesome job. Bless you, Sharon, for such a beautiful presentation. Thanks for the copies sent for the families – I have them in the mail.

  47. HOW WAS ERIC AND LUCILLE BOOTH-CLIBBORN related to Evangeline Booth and William
    Booth-Clibborn. I have read your 1926 Evangel, the year I was born. I once pastored in New Orleans, before Katrina, and Stanley Howard Frodsham came and preached at our church.

  48. dear spiritual BROTHER IN CHRIST
    I greetings to you in the name of our LORD SAVIOR CHRIST WHO HA
    RISEN FROM THE DEATH . i would like to share my witness. my name is
    maharudrudu i belongs to Hindu background my mother and father were
    worshiping idols .i was born mother died after my
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    your brother in CHRIST
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    boddavaram[po]kotananduru [md]
    tuni[taluk] east godavari distric

  49. Thanks so much for the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

  50. Glen Blesi

    I am researching ministers. When I put in the names for the archives search, I get the entire publication in Adobe Photoshop. The type is too tiny to read. I can’t print every page not knowing if what I want is in there. It is a common name, Miller. Is there some way I can read the type before printing it? The ministers I am looking for are R.O. and Emma Miller. They were at Stanton, Missouri. Thank you

  51. Having spent nearly 20 minutes attempting to locate a net address that I could make a very different donation to that I reckoned an organization like yours would be pleased to receive, I reckoned I’d STOP looking and insert my gift here, becuz regardless of denominational names, there are some of us that aspire unto Historically Foundational Bible FACTS pashunately, and althoh having financed this endeavour myself, I want to SHARE it with as many as will receive it – Archie Terrace, D.O.T.C., Church Of The First Born

    Never Before In SONG: “Memoreal Anointing” Hear it NOW –>

  52. Great site, so glad I stumbled across it!

  53. I have a question, Dr.Horton,
    Many Christians correctly quote, No man knows the day or hour of the coming of the Son of Man as the rapture in Mat. 24:36! Yet the Antichrist invades Jerusalem in v15 and the coming of the Son of Man comes in v30. So why do so many believe the pre-trib teaching the rapture comes before the Antichrist?

  54. Brother Gohr:

    I’d like to thank from all my heart for that tremendous dedication you have to preserving materials and records that related to the movement’s earlier time. I’d like you to give my regards and appreciation to everybody else who have contributed to your research.

    God bless you in your work!

  55. Tyler Young

    Dear iFPHC,
    I am very interested in your collection of old revival posters. Is there any possibility that I could obtain a digital copy or reprint of some of them? I would be willing to pay. Thanks in advance,
    Tyler Young

  56. Informative article, I really like to keep track of the updates and news. Thanks for the excellent news and topics.

  57. Glen Blesi

    I love your archives site. I’ve found a lot of great information on local ministers. Today while using Digital Publications Search, it all of a sudden stopped directing me to the location in the document that has the reference I’m searching for. Further, it still takes me to the location of the ones I’ve already read. Have you ever heard of anything like this? I hope it starts working properly soon.

  58. “Comments | iFPHC Comments” was a great read and also I really was in fact really joyful to find the blog post.
    Many thanks,Sheldon

  59. Biju Jacob

    Blessings. I came across your site while searching for Books/Articles by Rex Andrews of Zion Faith Homes. Is it possible for me to order photocopies of available books by him. I will pay for the photocopy and postal charges. I am in Bangalore, India.
    Its a real blessing to read the history of the Pentecostal movement. The Lord bless you for the labour of love to preserve the Pentecostal history and letting the younger generation read about the Pioneers. God Bless.

  60. Rod

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful information particularly the ultimate phase 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I used to be looking for this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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  66. Please send me the e-mail address of the late evangelist Hattie Hammond at her church where she was warshiping and praying.Please reply me.

  67. Very good post! We will be linking to this great content on our website.
    Keep up the good writing.

  68. Kathleen Thompson

    Looking for the following song please below us what I found on your website is it the same song????

    Thank you

    Stand up and be counted

    I have come to this conclusion that we must make a stand
    to prove how much you love Him
    and give up on pleasing man.
    This is a call for holy boldness
    a plea to walk up right
    to stand on our convictions
    resisting compromise

    Stand up and be counted
    stand up and tesitify
    stand up and be witness
    for the Lord Jesus Christ
    Stand up and be couraguous
    stand up and tell the world
    stand up and be counted
    for the Lord

    2nd verse
    This is a word from our commander
    Cause he needs a few good men
    To be named among the number when the saints go marching in

    Stand up and be counted
    stand up and tesitify
    stand up and be witness
    for the Lord Jesus Christ
    Stand up and be couraguous
    stand up and tell the world
    stand up and be counted
    for the Lord

    Home > Research

    Archive Details New Search E-mail a friend
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    Resource Type:
    Apostolic Faith Singing School (Katy, TX)
    More by Creator Search Periodicals Using this Creator

    The Lost Pines singing camp ’73 [Sound recording].
    [S.l.] : Gospel Tone Records, 1973.
    1 sound disc : 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in.
    Album #: GT-163
    Contents: Side 1: Where could I go. — Heaven’s jubilee. — Let me touch Him. — He is mine and I am His. — Great joy is waiting. — His grace reaches me. — To heaven on my knees. — Love. Side 2: I’m never alone. — There is something about the name of Jesus. — Go right out. — Amazing grace. — He cared for you and me. — Stand up and be counted. — There was I. — Heaven’s really gonna shine.
    Lost Pines Singing Camp–Sound recordings.
    More by Subject Search Periodicals Using this Subject

    Gospel music–Apostolic Faith (Baxter Springs, KS) artists.
    More by Subject Search Periodicals Using this Subject

    Date Cataloged:

  69. Steven Cooper

    Picture P9497: The first person pictured is Cheryl Cooper, my younger sister. Steven Cooper

  70. Nate Wilcoxon

    I would like any information about the late Pastor William G Schell. Originally from the Church of God in late 1800’s. Would love to know what ever happened to him, I have seen that he later moved on to Assembly Cog, also he had written a book that I’m looking for, concerning equality of African American. If in any way u can help please do. Thx so much and god bless;)

  71. Naomi Loukinen

    Having just read Feb. 16, 2014’s acct. of A Century of God’s Faithfulness, I was wondering why total believers and churches of the United States wasn’t mentioned! I saw India & Africa, but no U.S. Could you give that to me somehow? Thanks! Mrs. Robert Loukinen

  72. Sharron Pittman

    My grandfather (passed away 1976) was an Assembly of God Minister. I am researching my family heritage and was curious if there is a website or location I can go to that would tell me where he was ordained, etc.
    Thank you for any suggestions you may be able to give.

    • Gail Wallace

      IF you came across any websites that assist you in this please share with me as I am trying to do the same on my family. Thanks.

  73. P. Leishman

    Is there a roster of names of those who attended the First General Council? I may have had relatives there and would like to confirm.

  74. The May 20, 1914 edition of WORD AND WITNESS, the forerunner of THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL has a list of the first ministers who became a part of A/G.

  75. joe

    I found an old hymnal book by Evangelist Helen Everett and Robert H Coleman. Do you all know anything about them? You can contact me via email :

  76. Wesley Rowland Wilson

    The photo located at this address is not of Wesley Rowland Steelberg. I am Wesley Rowland Wilson, his grandson.
    P13376-P13397–AMBASSADOR I

  77. Dennis

    I was cleaning out some things and came across an old business folder. I looked inside and found an issue of The Pentecostal Evangel and had to see what I could find by searching in Google. It got me here. I looked to see if my issue was here. I did not find it. It is The Evangel’s 60th Anniversary issue of August 19, 1973 / ten cents. It is the entire issue. I just thought I would look for yours.

  78. matthew hunt

    I am looking for a hymn book entitled Songs we sing complete. It was compiled and edited by Jacob A. Filbert and Copyrighted in 1954. It says to order from Herald of Deliverance. Can you tell me anything about this hymn book?

  79. Charles Green

    Filbert pastored a great A/G church in
    North Fort Worth in the 50s. Try Springfield.

  80. Patrick Drake Jr.

    To iFPHC Staff,
    I was looking at the picture of David Nunn (Nunn, David O. [P16268] ) and under the picture, it says the man on the right is unidentified. The man on the right is my dad, Patrick H. Drake. I have several more pictures of Mr. Nunn and my dad together as they served together in the Army Air Corps in WWII stationed in Deopham Green, England. My dad was a lower turret gunner on B-17 Bombers and was a gunnery instructor.

  81. I am so grateful to have found this site. Thank you! My grandfather was a missionary to China, John D. James and you have many articles about him in the archives from 1914-1923. Here is is 2015, and I am married to an Indian Missions pastor with the PCG. Our church is in Carnegie, Oklahoma.

  82. Mary Peninger

    Good afternoon. I am delighted I finally located an email from the Center, sent to me in 2004, in which I was approved to do research! I am very pleased to be able to do so. At your earliest convenience, please respond. I have a question regarding the Azusa Street Revival, and I am actively seeking an answer. Thanking you in advance, Mary

  83. leanne foster

    I was at a camp meeting in Northern New England back in the 50s when Rev. Hansel Vibbert preached a sermon The Hell Bound Train. he had a recording along with the book of the sermon. I have the book, but the recording was lost in my parents house fire years ago. I would like to have a cop of the recording on a disk , I tried to get it off this web site but no luck.

  84. Shirley combs

    I have an old copy conversion of t.texas tyler one of americas best known gospel is a full page pamplet of his life story.what is it worth.there is no date or who put it out.

  85. Darrin Rodgers,
    I commend you for your article in Vital magazine Feb 8, 2016 “The African-American heritage of the Assemblies of God has often been overlooked”. This is valuable information, which I appreciate. Renea Brathwaite spoke for the 2016 Stanley Horton Lecture series, and did an excellent in-depth presentation on the ‘Religio-Cultural framework of William J. Seymour’s Theology and Praxis’.

  86. Margie Isensee Briscoe

    I am interested in doing research on the early missionary work in Peru, specifically the work of missionaries Frank and Elsie Isensee. Any early writings or information would be greatly appreciated.

  87. Jay

    I have heard about the great preaching of J. Floyd Williams from “old timers” in the faith. From their description it seems like something I have missed out on. I saw that there was an audio sermon on your website called ‘The Two Witnesses’. Currently I am a missionary overseas and unable to get much mail. Is it possible to download the mp3?

  88. Lee Hanson

    Arthur Ahlberg was my grandfathers brother! Axel Ahlberg was my grandfathers name. The brothers were from Gig Harbor, Wash.

  89. Bonnie Caskey

    I just discovered these archives and I’m so excited! My great grandfather is Charles E. Robinson- Associate Editor of The Pentecostal Evangel back in the 1920s & ’30s. I was able to find over 300 articles that he had written. My father never knew much about him, so these articles give us a fascinating look into the great man of GOD that he was. What a blessing to learn more about my spiritual heritage and the legacy he left us. Thank you all so much for the work you do to bless so many!!

  90. Gail Wallace

    I am looking for any information on my relatives who were involved with the Assemblies of God. Thomas and Ruth Monte, Mac and Sue MacConnaghey and Kenneth and Jean Matkin. They were pastors/evangelists in California and some time in Texas (The Montes) If you could help me out that would be amazing!!!! These are my grandparents and great Aunts and Uncles. Thank you in advance.

  91. Stephanie Kinderman Lorenzana

    While doing an internet search for information on my great-grandfather, Gustav Kinderman, I came across several family photos on your website of Gustav and his family. I am looking for information on Gustav and where he is from in Germany or his parent’s names (more specifically, his mother). Do you have any of this information?

    Also, I noticed that you have incorrectly named his wife. You have her name as Liuba Kobiakow. Her REAL name is Emilia Herbstreit. I’m not sure where you got the name Liuba, but it would be wonderful if you could please correct this information. Please feel free to contact me via email if you need further proof or documentation of her real name. Thank you so much!

  92. Diana

    My name is Diana. William F P Burton was my grandmother’s brother. What I read on your website was really encouraging for me to read. He died when I was 13 years old. He was such a caring and loving person. He loved the Lord so very much, and so much wanted people to know how much God loved them too. He was such an amazing example to me, as I became a Christian about the age of 13. What I can remember, so clearly, is that when my mum gave him a lift, one day, when he was visiting a church in England, he noticed a man ‘thumbing a lift’. He said for my mum to give him a lift. Then as the door closed, and my mum started driving, my uncle turned around, and said to the man, “And do you know the Lord”. Of course the man was startled. Then my uncle (William Burton) clearly shared the Gospel with that man. My uncle was such a good example to me, from the early years of my Christian life – and even before I gave my life to the Lord – of how the Lord wants us to reach out to others with the wonderful loving message of the Gospel, of how much the Lord loves those who we meet from day to day. What now makes me the happiest, is when I’m able to get into casual conversations with people, where I’m also able to share about God’s amazing and most wonderful message of love for them too, and what Jesus did for them

  93. I have a mission card for Christelle Evans which is different from the one you have on the website. Would you like me to forward a copy to you by email? She was considered like a sister to my Dad and his folks as well as my parents. She was in our home a couple of times on furlough. She impacted my life. I have a small elephant she gave us.

  94. Birmingham University

    I was in correspondence with your archives in 2009 when I began my PhD and as I am now thankfully in remission from cancer am able to pick up my PhD studies once again. I recall being very much helped by your archival centre and look forward to working with yourselves once again. I am keen to recommence my studies. I have researched the roles women in early British Pentecostalism fulfilled and am keen to see the extent Aimee Semple McPherson effected early British Pentecostalism. With Thanks J H

  95. As you! want something super new? Take a look at this link. Only here the choice of women for every taste and completely free! They are responsible slaves, they will and want do anything you order !

  96. Lori Roach

    How can I get information or access to the letters from John juergensen the missionary to Japan ? That is my great grandfather . My grandmother was Grace . She was born there and lived there till she was 18 .

    • I am requesting help to find Pentecostals in the Arts, more particularly the Performing Arts that would be able to help me finish working on a musical. I would like to reach out to European believers first and then American second, if you please. If sending email please include the word, Musical, in the Subject Box. Thanks.

  97. Michael Holloway

    Hi I am a A.O.G Pastor in Dundee Scotland and would like to purchase the cd on Home missions from (Oral History). If this is possible could I be informed in the best way to purchase this?
    Thanks Pastor Michael.

  98. Please help me find a printed or pdf copy of the sermon by Hattie Hammond, If you ever see Jesus you would never be the same.” I have looked everywhere to find it. Please I hope you can find it. Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name. Kathleen Sequeira

  99. Thank you for trying to help and quickly answering me. God bless you abundantly in Jesus ❤️😊

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